Don’t You Just Hate Tattoos?

"Well, It's against christian values, G-D says you shouldn't mark on your skin!" I can still hear my grandmother scolding me now. Although she meant well, and yes the bible does actually say this...

One of The Most Avoided Relationship Questions

Relationships these days are hard enough. And in recent generations there's so much non-communication going on that none of us really know who we're even dating anymore. We know their face and a few cute quirks - but we're still constantly walking on egg-shells...

Mental Illness, It’s All In Your Head

...Stigma is the misconception that something is disgraced and can't be talked about, therefor; making it near impossible for someone to talk about their issues for fear of being misjudged...

How well do you know yourself?

Personally, I choose not to take anything at face value. So naturally I test, and analyze everything - A born searcher and seeker of truth. My life is devoted to investigations into the unknown, and to finding answers to the mysteries of life. Human Behaviors, are beyond fascinating to me. For example; why we as … Continue reading How well do you know yourself?

Unbreakable Porcelain Dolls

All of our stories have a purpose. I never knew mine until recently, but I only wish I’d had the courage sooner to share it. Like many people, I was born in to an indigent family, my parents were young and very far from in love. They were also step siblings… In case you’re wondering … Continue reading Unbreakable Porcelain Dolls

What we all want, but can’t seem to get.

What is the one thing that you want most out of life? For most people in a recent survey of 700 people, it was Happiness. So I ask you this, Why is it so impossible to sustain something that should come naturally? Well, from the time we're born to wherever you are now, we're told that … Continue reading What we all want, but can’t seem to get.