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Welcome! “Tell us your story” is all about sharing your experiences with others; because there is so much wisdom to gain from your story! We’re here as a reminder that it’s OK to talk about mental health and the struggles in life that may cause depression, anxiety, PTSD and so much more! In the world we live in today, there is so much going on around us. If it’s not harassment in the work place, it’s racism, or abuse, just to name a few. But among all of these different struggles there is one thing that they all have in common; scars. Each day there is a new lesson to learn, and some days bad things happen that leave behind brutal scars – and I’m not referring to physical, but mental scars. There’s a Stigma surrounding how these experiences affect us, and it’s that we should be ashamed for being damaged. That we should be ashamed to talk about the things in life that are hard to deal with alone. So we encourage you to tell us your story now and inspire others to Talk About It. Also, feel free to comment in support of others who have shared their stories too. Together we can make a difference and bring awareness to the consequences of untreated mental illness’. Lets end the stigma surrounding mental health, because It’s ALWAYS BETTER to #TalkAboutIt.

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